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figuring m'life out


luca ♡ he/him ♡ norcal

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"*flexes my toes n feels ur shoulder...flesh...* oo yea thats The Good Stuff"

- auxara

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Jun 27, 2017
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

howdy nya'll!!!!! >:3c

i probably will update this journal again and/or a few more+ times if i feel like i need to add anything else... also; i'm going to use bullet points to make things simpler for myself and also for you guys! :heart:

important information to know:
  • i know that i'm just getting active on here again, but i'm--hopefully, if nothing changes--getting top surgery this june 27th (which is in 6 days), so i'm definitely going to be out of commission for ~1-2+ weeks in regards to using my hands to draw, etc., but i don't think the surgery will really affect my abilities to surf the web (as far as i am aware of right now, at least).
  • i'm currently enrolled and going to summer college! i am in two hybrid classes, so, leading up to my surgery, i will be busy from 10:00am-12:15pm (pdt) on both tuesdays and thursdays and from 1:00pm-3:15pm (pdt) on tuesdays only. during my surgery recovery stage; i will most likely be even busier with my classes given that i will have to juggle my time between recovering and staying caught up!
  • after a long and tiresome emotional journey; i am, THANK GOD, no longer friends and/or in contact with my ex-best friend and i'd appreciate it if people didn't mention them to me, nor mention me to them. if you don't know who i'm talking about; that's great and definitely for the best!
  • i deleted a bunch of deviations and journals from my gallery and i also put all of the deviations on my good ol' old da account--that i've had since i was 11 y/o lmaO YIKES--into storage due to personal reasons relating to my ex-best friend.
  • i'm planning on moving even more of my invader zim art to my scraps and/or storage, so if you can't seem to find something in my gallery; it's in either of those two places!
  • i love allie auxara she is beau tiful and good..............

personal goals relating to myself:
  • take my pills
  • focus on taking care of myself
  • stay caught up with school
  • pass my permit test before march 29th, 2018 
  • do/finish my name change paperwork
goals relating to deviantart:
  • code my page
  • organize my gallery
  • rOLEPLAY................ 
  • try to finish dewie's app for @/godsgaow-rising before june 30th 
thank you all so so so so soooo much for reading! love ya~ :kiss:


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